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October 7, 2019
"'Isms' Galore: Reflections on Deficits, Taxes and Systems"
Session 4: Taxation and Economic Systems
17th Annual Conference Progressivism, Socialism, Nationalism: 
What Room for Innovation and 'Creative Destruction'? For Economic Justice to the Least Advantaged? For Teaching Youth the Good Life?
Center on Capitalism and Society, Columbia University, New York
Watch here

May 22, 2019
Nobel Dialogues: The Future of Ageing
The Nobel Foundation
Madrid, Spain
Watch video here.

March 1, 2019.
"Corporate Governance in the Context of Global Economic Circumstances"
Panel, Corporate Governance Counter-Narratives
Columbia University Law School, Ira Millstein Center,New York
Watch a video recording of the session here.
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February 19, 2019
Panel, Bureaucracy vs. Democracy Forum
Common Good and Center on Capitalism and Society, Columbia University, New York
Watch a video recording of the session here

September 17, 2018
"Trump and Economic Theory"
Session 3: Roundtable on Methodology 
16th Annual Conference The Economic Consequences of Mr. Trump: Jobs, Wages, Trade, Growth, Health and Satisfaction
Center on Capitalism and Society, Columbia University, New York

Watch here

September 13, 2018
"Two Kinds of Robots in Growth Models: An Introduction"
NBER Conference: The Economics of Artificial Intelligence, Toronto, On
Watch video here.

July 11, 2018
"Three Speeches on Europe: Berlin, Barcelona, Rome"
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June 26, 2018
"Innovation and China"
Lecture, University Tor Vergata, Rome
Watch here (32:30)

June 25, 2018

"Solving the Problem in Italy and Much of Western Europe"

Keynote Address, XXX Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar, Rome

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June 1, 2018
"Sola’s Lessons on Contemporary Corporatism: What Implications for the Great Slowdown and the Needed Reforms? "
Royal European Academy of Doctors Induction Ceremony of Juan Vincente Sola
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May 29, 2018
"Turning Around the Downward Spiral Of Economic, Social and Political Cohesion"
Global Solutions Summit 2018

March 23, 2018
Session III: The Role of Innovation and the Digital Economy: New Opportunities and Challenges for Governance
Open Session: The Future of Global Economic Relations: Lessons from China, the EU, the US and Beyond
China and the West: The Role of the State in Economic Growth
Columbia University SIPA, Tsinghua University, Peking University

January 25, 2018
"A Vital People: A Necessity for a Good Economy"
Ensuring A Dynamic, Innovative, and Flourishing Economy: Policy Thinking in the Age of Trump
Disrupt DC
Video Conference Call

January 18, 2018
"A Vital People: A Necessity for a Good Economy"
Honoris Causa Ceremony, Acceptance Speech 
Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli
Rome, Italy 
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January 5, 2018
"America's Policy Thinking in the Age of Trump"
TrumpEconomics: A First Year Evaluation
Panel with Olivier Blanchard, Joseph Stiglitz, and Lawrence Summers, moderated by Dominick Salvatore
ASSA Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Watch the Session Here

October 31, 2017
"Google Ngrams for Individualism: Do They Trace a Loss of Innovation "
Session 5: Individualism in the Economy
15th Annual Conference The Age of the Individual: 500 Years Ago Today
Center on Capitalism and Society, Columbia University
New York

October 5, 2017

"Saving the Environment"

Second Green Economy Summit

Córdoba, Argentina

Read Op-ed version here

February 23, 2017
 "An Inclusive Mexican Economy" 
México Incluyente Conference, The Aspen Institute
Mexico City, Mexico
Watch the session here .

January 6, 2017
 "The Dangers of a Return to Historic Corporatism,"
AEA Panel Session, "Nobels on Where Is the World Economy Headed?
ASSA Annual Meeting 2017, Hyatt Regency Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois.
Watch the session here 
Read here

November 30, 2016

 “The Economic Situation Abroad,” 

The VIII Phelps Congress, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Read about his speech

November 18, 2016

"Introductory Remarks"
Session 1: Initial Statements: Why Agency And Other Values Matter
14th annual conference Agency, Prospering, Progress and the Working Class
Center on Capitalism and Society, Columbia University
New York

November 9, 2015
Session 1: Innovation: Its Measurement, Culture Sources and Recent History
13th Annual Conference Steps to Mass Flourishing: Social Values and Individual Experience
Center on Capitalism and Society, Columbia University,New York

October 27, 2015
Keynote Speech at 2015 Pujiang Innovation Forum 
Shanghai, China

April 15, 2015
“Europe: The Current Situation and the Way Forward,”
with German Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble
2015 Leaders in Global Economic Governance Lecture
Columbia University, New York

December 4, 2014
 "What Is to Be Done?"
The Future of U. S. Economic Growth: Panel 4
The Cato Institute, Washington D.C.

September 30, 2014
China Friendship Award Acceptance Speech
Foreign Affairs Experts Building, Beijing

November 5, 2013
"Mass Flourishing"
At Google Mountain View is now online

November 6, 2013
Mass Flourishing
RAND Distinguished Speaker
Los Angeles

October 23, 2013
"Mass Flourishing"
World Bank Presentation

October 17, 2013
“Mass Flourishing: How it Was Gained and How it Was Lost,” 
The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford Martin School, UK

October 14, 2013
"Mass Flourishing"
Lecture at the Royal Society of Arts in London

October 8, 2013
"Mass Flourishing" 
The West Is At Risk Conference 

June 21, 2013
"Undemocratic and Unequal: Fitoussi's Critique of Europe's Institutions
Festschrift Conference for Jean-Paul Fitoussi
At Sciences Po, Paris, France
LINK to video from the conference

May 28, 2013
Center on Capitalism and Society's Kierkegaard Conference 
Edmund Phelps introduces the conference alongside the Danish Consulate General: LINK

June 3, 2012
Corporatism and Job Satisfaction
Tsinghua University, Beijing
February 17 & 18, 2012  
"Global Economy: Crisis Without End," 
a NYRB/Met panel featuring Prof. Phelps, Prof. Sachs, Prof. Krugman, and George Soros. 

November 21, 2011
True and False Lessons Drawn from the Structural Slump (Video)
Council on Foreign Relations, Lunch Table Discussion

November 8, 2011
Keynes vs. Hayek: An Economics Debate 
Moderated by Harry Evans, Reuters
Asia Society, New York
LINK to video

February 2, 2011
Conference on the Bank for Innovation
Camera dei Deputati, Rome
September 20, 2010
"Cutting taxes is not a good idea"
Speech, University of Economics
Bratislava, Slovakia


June 15, 2010
"Speech on the Laying of the Foundation Stone and the Groundbreaking for the New Huadu Business School"
New Huadu Business School
Minjiang University

April 15, 2010
"The Role of Business and Education in China's Economic Future"
New Huadu Business School
Minjiang University

January 27-30, 2010
Panel, "Rebuilding Economics"
World Economic Forum

November 2, 2009
"Seeds of Recovery After the Financial Crisis"
Rheingauer Impulse 
Hesse, Germany

September 25, 2009 
"Some Benefits of a Modern Economy"
Science and Innovation Week
Mexico City 

May 27th, 2009
"Climate Change, the Knowledge Problem and the Good Life"
St. James’s Palace Nobel Laureate Symposium

March 26, 2009 
"Regaining Prosperity after the Financial Crisis is Over: Dynamism and Inclusion"
Catedra Phelps Conference
University of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

March 11-12, 2009
"The Financial Crisis: Causes and Cures"
2nd Astana Economic Forum
Astana, Khazakstan

January 8-9, 2009
"The Justice of a Well-Functioning Capitalism and the Reforms that Will Realize It, Not Kill It"
 New World, New Capitalism Conference
Co-Chaired by President Nicolas Sarkozy and former Prime Minister Tony Blair

December 10, 2008
Dinner Speech
Swedish Consulate Nobel Dinner

July 10, 2008
Center on Capitalism and Society Panel
Edmund Phelps, Richard Robb, Graciana del Castillo
Global Creative Leadership Summit
New York City

July 1st and 2nd, 2008 
Seminar on Monetary Policy of the US and Western European Economies
XX Villa Mondragone Seminar
Fondazione Tor Vergata Economia CEIS

June 26-27, 2008
"A View of Monetary Policy From Our 'Structuralist' and Uncertain Economies"
7th Annual BIS Conference on Monetary Policy

June 11, 2008
"Structural Forces Weighing Down US and European Economies And the Inability of Customary Policymaking to Bolster Them"
Italian Gold Forum, Borsa Italiana

May 20, 2008
"Dynamism and Inclusion:
What? Why? How?
University of Buenos Aires

September 12, 2007
Lecture at Nobel Laureates Beijing Forum 2007
The Great Hall of the People
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