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Capitalism and Society Vol. 13 Iss. 2
January 2019

w/ Gylfi Zoega
Economics of Transition
November 2018 

Working Paper No. 110 of the Center on Capitalism and Society
July 11, 2018

Journal of Policy Modeling
Volume 40, Issue 3
April 2018

"Dangers in a repeat of historic corporatism"
Journal of Policy Modeling
Volume 39, Issue 4
July-August 2017

Capitalism and Society
Volume 12, Issue 1, Article 3
May 4, 2017
[Comments on the above piece in the same issue by Carl Christian von Weizäcker: read here

Review of Austrian Economics
Volume 28, Issue 3
April 2, 2015

RSA Journal
Issue 2, pp. 36 -39.

"Mass Flourishing: How it Was Won, Then Largely Lost Part 1 and Part 2"
OECD Insights
August 19-20, 2013
Three Short Papers: "Past," "Present" and "Future"
The Future of Money
ed. Oliver Chittenden

"Wanted: A First National Bank of Innovation"
by Edmund Phelps and Leo Tilman
Harvard Business Review
January-February 2010

"Refounding Capitalism"
Capitalism and Society
December 2009

"Economic Justice and the Spirit of Innovation"
First Things
October 2009
Chinese Translation

"Commentary: Revolutionary Times, Then and Now"
Capitalism and Society
Volume 3, Issue 3, Article 5
November 2008