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Select Papers

"Solving the Problem in Italy and Much of Western Europe
in Yearning for Inclusive Growth and Development, Good Jobs and Sustainability (Springer)
ed. Luigi Paganetto

in The Oxford Handbook of Structural Transformation (Oxford University Press)
ed. Célestin Monga and Justin Yifu Lin
April 2019

Acta Oeconomica 69, S1
January 2019

Capitalism and Society Vol. 13 Iss. 2
January 2019

w/ Gylfi Zoega
Economics of Transition
November 2018 

Working Paper No. 110 of the Center on Capitalism and Society
July 11, 2018

Journal of Policy Modeling
Volume 40, Issue 3
April 2018

"Dangers in a repeat of historic corporatism"
Journal of Policy Modeling
Volume 39, Issue 4
July-August 2017

Capitalism and Society
Volume 12, Issue 1, Article 3
May 4, 2017
[Comments on the above piece in the same issue by Carl Christian von Weizäcker: read here

Review of Austrian Economics
Volume 28, Issue 3
April 2, 2015

RSA Journal
Issue 2, pp. 36 -39.

"Mass Flourishing: How it Was Won, Then Largely Lost Part 1 and Part 2"
OECD Insights
August 19-20, 2013
Three Short Papers: "Past," "Present" and "Future"
The Future of Money
ed. Oliver Chittenden

"Wanted: A First National Bank of Innovation"
by Edmund Phelps and Leo Tilman
Harvard Business Review
January-February 2010

"Refounding Capitalism"
Capitalism and Society
December 2009

"Economic Justice and the Spirit of Innovation"
First Things
October 2009
Chinese Translation

"Commentary: Revolutionary Times, Then and Now"
Capitalism and Society
Volume 3, Issue 3, Article 5
November 2008