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June 4, 2022
"Superbonus, taglio del cuneo e Patto di stabilità su misura: 3 soluzioni dal Festival dell’Economia"
Carlo Andrea Finotto
Il Sore 24 Ore

June 4 , 2022
"The memory of Jean Paul Fitoussi, a non-dogmatic economist and a man of passions"
Flavia Carletti
Il Sore 24 Ore

June 2, 2022
"Lo spettro della recessione e il futuro del lavoro: i grandi temi al Festival dell’Economia"
Carlo Andrea Finotto
Il Sore 24 Ore

February 14, 2022
Mark Mills
Big Think

Winter 2022
Ryan Streeter
National Affairs

September 25, 2021
Krishna Gupta writes about Phelps's life and work 
Millennium Post

September 19, 2021
Steve Denning  references Phelps's Mass Flourishing

August 5, 2021
Experts discuss new book on dynamism
China Daily

December 28, 2020
Nadeem Xu discusses the influence of Phelps's ideas in China
Asia Times

December 28, 2020
David Blair discusses the influence of Phelps's ideas in China
China Daily

November 20, 2020
"'El mundo después de la pandemia': charla con Edmund Phelps y Juan Vicente Sola"
Read the transcript in English here.
Edmund Phelps in dialogue with Juan Vicente Sola
El Clarin 

August 30, 2020
Martin Sanbu reviews Dynamism
Financial Times

December 17, 2019
 Abby McCloskey discusses Mass Flourishing

November 14, 2019

August 20, 2019
Karl Sjorgen references Phelps's Mass Flourishing in his latest work The Fairshare Model
The Stanford Social Innovation Review 

August 9, 2019
"Boris has called time on Tony Blair's 'third way'. Prepare for an economic revolution"
Marc Sidwell mentions Mass Flourishing
The Telegraph

July 22, 2019
Rana Foroohar on Edmund Phelps's most recent work
Financial Times online

June 7, 2019
Ryan Streeter relates Phelps's dynamism thesis to current American political tensions for AEI. 

March 29, 2019
March 24, 2019
Guan Xin

December 11, 2018
"Nobel economists, academics on 40 years of reform and opening up"
Nicholas Moore

November 25, 2018
Vikas Shah Mbe interviews Edmund Phelps, Lawrence Summers and Sir Paul Collier 
Thought Economics

November 16, 2018
Oren Cass references Phelps's 1997 book Rewarding Work
National Review

November 14, 2018
Sebastian Galiani lists Phelps's textbook Political Economy has fundamental  to deepening knowledge in economics.
El Cronista

November 5, 2018
English Translation (Created with Google Translate)
Edmund Phelps interviewed by Julian Heißler

November 4, 2018
Episode 2: "How is America Ticking" (German)
Phelps interviewed for TV documentary by Sandra Navidi

October 31, 2018
(In Response to Phelps's Op-Ed The Fantasy of Fiscal Stimulus)
John M. Mason
Seeking Alpha

September 27, 2018
"Nobel Prize in Economics Phelps predicts recession in the US within a year"
Interview with Die Presse, republished in Gestion and 20 Minutes.
Link (German)
Link (Spanish)
Link (French)

September 10, 2018
"Academic praises rising innovation"
Interview with Zhang Ruinan
China Daily

July 31, 2018
"L’ignorance économique des Français plombe la croissance"
Damien Theillier
LINK (French)

June 28, 2018
"Minimum income: for Di Maio priority, for Nobel Phelps 'a very bad idea'
Mariangela Tessa
Wall Street Italia
LINK (Italian)

April 23, 2018
"How Milton Friedman and Edmund Phelps changed macroeconomics"
Vivek Dehejia

April 22, 2018
"Global China Connect Holds 10th Annual Conference"
The China Press
Link (Chinese)

April 14, 2018
"Shenzhen released: 40 most influential foreign experts in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up"
 Wen/Wang Ting Zuo Na Figure/Wang Hao
 Link (Chinese)

April 9, 2018
"China should turn to 'good economy'" 
Interview with Wu Si
China Policy Review
Link [Chinese]
Link [Google Translation, English]

March 2, 2018
"Finding opportunities to flourish"
David Blair
China Daily

January 18, 2018
"Il Nobel Phelps: “In Italia serve più innovazione, altrimenti ci sarà solo stagnazione e frustrazione”"
Nicola Lillo
La Stampa

January 18, 2018
"Trump 'Seriously Stumbled' on Tax Law, Nobel Winner Phelps Says"
Kevin Costelloe and Flavia Rotondi
Bloomberg Politics

January 5, 2018
"Edmund Phelps: Thinking about tax cuts and economic growth in an age of technological disruption"
James Pethokoukis's    
American Enterprise Institute

December 11, 2017
"Higher Education: Transformation or Reformation?"
David Steele-Figueredo 
Huffington Post

November 27, 2017 
"Will Jay Powell Tip Hand at Confirmation Hearing?"
Vonnie Quinn
Bloomberg Markets

November 21, 2017
"L’esprit innovant d’Edmund Phelps "
Olivia Gesbert
France Culture

November 9, 2017
"Edmund Phelps Says It'd Be Good to Try Higher Interest Rates"
Tom Keene
 Bloomberg Surveillance

November 9, 2017
"Phelps Says Standard Theory Doesn't Explain Low Inflation"
Vonnie Quinn
Bloomberg Markets

November 3, 2017
"What 500 Years of Protestantism Teaches Us About Capitalism's Future"
James Mackintosh
Wall Street Journal

October 20, 2017
"Tsinghua Institute of Management Dean Professor Qian Yingyi recommended books"
MBA China

October 10, 2017
"Premio Nobel de economía asegura que 'el cambio climático se ha vuelto muy costoso"

October 5, 2017
"La Argentina está en mejores condiciones que hace unos años y tiene mucho futuro"
Martin Dinatale and Juan Parilla

October 5, 2017
"No es bueno disparar la tasa de desempleo para tener una tasa de inflación más baja"
Gabriela Origlia and Sofia Diamante
La Nacion

September 23, 2017
"La prosperidad, según E. S. Phelps"
José M Domínguez Martínez 

September 1, 2017
Review of the French translation of Mass Flourishing (La Prospérité de masse)
Alternatives économiques

August 30, 2017
Mariano Javier Pepa
Córdoba Times

August 24, 2017
The Economist

August 20, 2017
"Bloc-notes : Quelle croissance pour la Tunisie?"
Farhat Othman

July 22, 2017
"La economía moderna, según Phelps, vista desde España"
Jesús Banegas

July 4, 2017
"À quel point faut-il être aveugle pour caricaturer à ce point la pensée de Macron?"
Eric Le Boucher
Slate France

June 28, 2017
"La prospérité de masse, d’Edmund Phelps"
Johan Rivalland

June 18, 2017
"Le prix Nobel d'économie plaide pour la culture"
Patrice Moyon
France Ouest

June 17, 2017
"Pourquoi nos sociétés nes prospèrent plus"
Marc Lambrechts

June 13, 2017
"Privilegios y excepciones"
Francisco Javier Garrido

June 12, 2017
"Edmund Phelps : "Le protectionnisme social est dévastateur"
Marc Vignaud
Le Point

June 12, 2017
"Edmund Phelps : "Pour avoir de la croissance, il faut de la créativité"
Ali Laidi
France 24

June 10, 2017
"Edmund Phelps: 'Prefereixo veure els joves amb la mirada perduda a l'infinit que mirant una pantalla'"
Interview with Antoni Bassas

June 8, 2017
"Edmund Phelps, prix Nobel d'économie 2006 : « Macron voit l’économie comme je la vois » "
 Stéphane Loignon 
Le Parisien

June 8, 2017
"Quand un Nobel nous parle de notre prospérité"
Charles Jaigu
Le Fiagaro

June 7, 2017
"La parole aux auteurs: Edmund Phelps"
Emmanuel Lechypre
BFM Business
Link [French / English]

June 6, 2017
Edmund Phelps Interviwed by Nicholas Pierron
L'Invité de l'économie
Link [French / English]

June 6, 2017
La prospérité de masse
Jean-Louis Chambon

June 6, 2017
"Nobel-winning economist: ‘Let entrepreneurs tap into the unknown and innovate more’"
Interview with Stephen Carroll 
France 24

June 4, 2017
"Donald Trump a une vision erronée de l'économie"
Marrie Charrel
Le Monde

June 1, 2017
"La croissance infinie : finie ?"
Radio Interview with Nicolas Demorand
France Inter
Link [French / English]

May 30, 2017
"Universita' Le palle da biliardo e il principio di Phelps"
Giovanni Salmeri
Link [Italian]

May 27, 2017
“Para prosperar a lo grande hay que leer a los grandes”
Interview with Víctor Amela
La Vanguardia
Link [Spanish]

May 26, 2017
“Phelps Expresses Concern About Labor Participation Rate,”
Vonnie Quinn
Bloomberg Markets

May 25, 2017
“Los Gobiernos deberían celebrar la llegada de innovadores como Uber”
Luis Doncel
El País
Link [Spanish]

May 24, 2017
Contra La Economía de Amiguettes
Martí Saballs
Link [Spanish]

May 23, 2017
"La prosperidad perdida"
Olga Grau
El Periódico de Catalunya
Link [Spanish]

May 23, 2017
"El Nobel Phelps compara Trump amb Mussolini"
Piergiorgio M. Sandri
La Vanguardia
Link [Spanish]

May 22, 2017
"La buena vida" del Nobel de Economía Edmund Phelps"
Victor Costa
El Nacional
Link [Spanish]

May 21, 2017
"Le secret de la croissance selon Edmund Phelps "
Link [French]

May 18, 2017
"Comment renouer avec la croissance "
Brice Couturier
France Culture
Link [French]

May 18, 2017
"Edmund Phelps, premi Nobel d'Economia: "És probable un 'impeachment' a Trump"
Mònica Terribas
Catalunya Radio

May 11, 2017
"Skabertrangen skal ind fra barnsben"
Interview with Peter G.H. Madsen 
DI Business
Link [Danish]

May 10, 2017
"Edmund Phelps, économiste orthodoxe… et iconoclaste"
Antoine Reverchon
Le Monde
Link [French]

May 5, 2017
"Columbia's Phelps says Job Report Shows Recovery is Over"
David Gura and Seth Harris
Bloomberg Markets 

April 11, 2017
"Regulatory Swamp Drain Gets Boost in Washington"
Derk Wilcox 
Mackinac Center for Public Policy Blog

April 10, 2017
"The elites must lead the way on pay cuts"
Leith van Onselen

April 2, 2017
"Tomará mucho tiempo y trabajo reducir la inflación en la Argentina"
Martín Kanenguiser
La Nación
Link [Spanish]

March 31, 2017
"Way Ahead"
Andrew Moody
China Daily

March 30, 2017
"In the Eyes of a Nobel Prize Economist"
Liu Chang, Lai Dongyang, Cheng Qian, Gao Fei, Zhao Jiajia, Liu Youhan

March 22, 2017
"TV Host Kicks off International Women's Business Forum in Beijing"
Rong Chen
All-China Women's Federation

March 7, 2017

Platicando sobre el 'neopopulismo' y otras cosas con el Premio Nobel Phelps

Gabriel Casillas
El Financiero
Link [Spanish]

March 6, 2017
Interview with Il Sakong
Korea JoongAng Daily
Link [Korean]

February 27, 2017
"México y Trump, vistos por un Nobel"
Interview with Ricardo Rocha
Reporte 13
Link [Spanish]

February 2, 2017
"O que Donald Trump não entendeu sobre globalizção"
Luís Lima and Marcos Coronato
LINK [Spanish]

January 27, 2017
"Wirtschaftspolitik wie im Faschismus"
Thomas Schulz
Der Spiegel
LINK [German]

January 24, 2017
"Zinsen sofort rauf wegen Inflation!"
Interview with Jan Schäfer 
LINK  [German]

January 8, 2017
"Rätselraten um Trumponomics"
Malte Fischer
Wirtschafts Woche
Link [German]

January 7, 2017
"Donald Trump's 'bullying'  of companies comparable to 1930s fascist economic policies, says Nobel economist"
Will Worley

January 6, 2017
"Nobel Prize winner likens Trump 'bullying' of companies to fascist Italy, Germany"
Greg Robb
Market Watch

January 4, 2017
"Bienestar masivo"
Julio Madrazo
El Finaciero

December 7, 2016
"Interia and Mexican Growth"
Luis Rubio
America Economia
Link [Spanish]

December 7, 2016
"Una Buena Econmia para Argentia"
Juan Santiago Ylarri
el Economista
Link [Spanish]

October 13, 2016
Edmund Phelps on Bloomberg Surveillance 

June 15, 2016
Edmund Phelps appears in the CCTV documentary "The Glory of Innovation" 

June 2, 2016
Edmund Phelps appears in the Shanghai Media Group documentary "Innovative Shanghai" 
Click here to watch Part I (Phelps's comments begin at 4:30), Part II, and Part III (Phelps's comments begin at 22:45)

March 25, 2016
Interview with Edmund Phelps on Huff Post Rise 

March 22, 2016
Interview with Edmund Phelps on CNBC 

January 25, 2016
Interview with Edmund Phelps in Cash

January 24, 2016
Edmund Phelps appears in Bloomberg Business's "Why Robots Mean That Interest Rates Could Go Even Lower in the Future"

January 23, 2016
Interview with Edmund Phelps on Tencent Finance

January 20, 2016
Interview with Edmund Phelps in Süddeutsche Zeitung

January 17, 2016
Edmund Phelps appears in World Economic Forum's "Four Nobel Economists on the Biggest Challenges of 2016"

November 17, 2015
Benjamin M. Friedman reviews Mass Flourishing in the New York Review of Books

October 21, 2015
Interview with Edmund Phelps in Veja Magazine

September 22, 2015 
Interview with Edmund Phelps in Mon Empresarial 

August 12, 2015
Interview with Edmund Phelps in Finnish Life (translation by Annukka Oksanen)

July 22, 2015 
Interview with Edmund Phelps in Món Empresarial

July 21, 2015
BBC Mundo's interview with Edmund Phelps 

July 13, 2015
Edmund Phelps on Bloomberg TV: "Greece Is On Another Planet"

April 17, 2015
Edmund Phelps appeared on Bloomberg Surveillance to discuss Greece

April 1, 2015
Edmund Phelps on Bloomberg TV: "What Will Happen After ECB Reviews Greek Bank Liquidity?"

March 29, 2015
Edmund Phelps appears on the NYRB Conference panel "The Atlantic Economies Since the Crash: Secular Stagnation?"

March 4, 2015
Profile of Edmund Phelps in the JoongAng Daily

February 28, 2015
Interview with Edmund Phelps in Austria's Profil magazine
View here [in German]

February 10, 2015
News footage of Edmund Phelps's participation in SEFEA's expert symposium chaired by Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing, China.
View here [in Mandarin]

January 29, 2015
Article on Mass Flourishing in Bloomberg Business

December 12, 2014
Mass Flourishing named among Bloomberg's Best Books of 2014

November 22, 2014
Edmund Phelps interviewed in Le Temps

October 14,2014
Edmund Phelps awarded Yale's Wilbur Cross Medal

September 30, 2014
Edmund Phelps receives China Friendship Award

September 27, 2014
Edmund Phelps referenced in Want China Times article on Li Kequiang's Davos address

August 25, 2014
Edmund Phelps interviewed in Die Welt
LINK [German]

August 25, 2014
Edmund Phelps interviewed for Vox Views with Mark Thomas

August 6, 2014
Juan Vicente Sola's review of Mass Flourishing in La Nacion 
Link [Spanish]

July 10, 2014
Edmund Phelps discusses Mass Flourishing with Charlie Kolb on "Global Reach: Winning in World Markets with Té Revesz

June 13, 2014
Edmund Phelps featured in "Lunch with the FT" in the Financial Times

March 30, 2014
Robert J. Samuelson mentions Mass Flourishing
In the Washington Post

March 29, 2014
Charles W. Calomiris reviews Mass Flourishing
On Amazon.com

March 27, 2014
Edmund Phelps on the Larry Parks Show

March 27, 2014
Reihan Salam on Capitalism
Mentioning Edmund Phelps, National Review

March 21, 2014
Mass Flourishing wins the Gold
2014 Axiom Award in Economics 

March 13, 2014
Edmund Phelps interviewed for China Central Television
"Evening News" on the Business Channel 

March 11, 2014
Mass Flourishing as Quote of the Day 
On Cafe Hayek

February 17, 2014
"Clientelism is the essence of social protection"
Edmund Phelps interviewed by Luis Martín for the Truman Factor

February 6, 2014
"Source de gains de productivité, l’innovation est la clé de la prospérité"
Edmund Phelps interviewed by Elisabeth Guedel for L'Opinion

February 3, 2014
"Family Values Vs. Innovation?"
Edmund Phelps interviewed by Jerry Bowyer for Forbes online

January 31, 2014
"Free innovators from the state's deadening hand"
Edmund Phelps on the nature of innovation - and what holds it back
In the Financial Times

January 23, 2014
"US 'out of ammunition' to tackle economic rut"
Edmund Phelps interviewed by CNBC at the World Economic Forum

December 6, 2013
Edmund Phelps' Mass Flourishing selected as an FT Book of the Year by Martin Wolf

December 15, 2013
Edmund Phelps interviewed for the Tehran Times
On the slowdown of productivity growth and the decline of innovation

December 12, 2013
Edmund Phelps interviewed by Dylan Matthews
For the Washington Post

December 2, 2013
Harold James reviews Mass Flourishing
In the IMF Newsletter

November 21, 2013
Marcelo Giugale of the World Bank on Edmund Phelps' Mass Flourishing
In The Huffington Post

November 11, 2013
Edmund Phelps discusses Mass Flourishing
With Russ Roberts for EconTalk

October 21, 2013
Edmund Phelps interviewed by Witold Gadomski
For Gazeta Wyborcza

October 18, 2013
Edmund Phelps' MASS FLOURISHING reviewed 
By Edward Glaesar for the Wall Street Journal

October 16, 2013
Edmund Phelps interviewed by Prospect Magazine
After a roundtable discussion of Mass Flourishing

October 15, 2013
"The US economy is very sick"
Interview with Edmund Phelps on CNBC 

October 11, 2013
"Die Ruckkehr alter Werte lahmt den Westen"
Edmund Phelps interviewed for Finanz und Wirtschaft

October 9, 2013
Edmund Phelps interviewed by Markus Meier and Philipp Lopfe
For Tages-Anzeiger

October 1, 2013
MASS FLOURISHING reviewed in the Ottawa Citizen
By McGill Professor of Economics William Watson

September 15, 2013
Edmund Phelps' MASS FLOURISHING discussed by Columbia News

September 5, 2013
Felix Martin praises Edmund Phelps' MASS FLOURISHING
In the New Statesman

September 2, 2013
Joao Caleiro interviews Edmund Phelps on MASS FLOURISHING

August 31, 2013
Phillip Yin interviews Edmund Phelps about MASS FLOURISHING
On CCTV America

August 31, 2013
"When work is challenging, economies thrive"
Edmund Phelps interviewed by Justin Fox of the Harvard Business Review

August 28, 2013
"L'histoire de l'innovation s'est arrêtée à la fin des années 1960"
Edmund Phelps interviewed in Le Monde

August 28, 2013
"The small start-ups are as vital as the stars"
Luke Johnson in the Financial Times on Edmund Phelps'
Important vision of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial societies 
In his new book Mass Flourishing.

August 26, 2013
Christopher Matthews on Edmund Phelps' MASS FLOURISHING
"Nobelist on America's Missing Economic Mojo - and How To Get It Back"
TIME Magazine

August 23, 2013
Samuel Brittan reviews Edmund Phelps' MASS FLOURISHING
In the Financial Times

August 20, 2013
The second installment of Edmund Phelps' article discussing his new book
Now available on the OECD website

August 19, 2013
The OECD publishes the first of a set of two articles by Edmund Phelps
Discussing his new book, MASS FLOURISHING

August 18, 2013
An excerpt from Edmund Phelps' MASS FLOURISHING
"Love Your Job? Thank Your Country" in Bloomberg View

August 17, 2013
Robert Shiller discusses Edmund Phelps' MASS FLOURISHING
In his NY Times Column, "Why Innovation Is Still Capitalism's Star"

August 16, 2013
Edmund Phelps discusses his new book, MASS FLOURISHING
In Thomson Reuter's "The Great Debate" blog

August 6, 2013  
Edmund Phelps new book Mass Flourishing reviewed in Publishers Weekly 
"A panoramic view of economic institutions" with a "bracing" range and "vast learning."

July 29, 2013
Edmund Phelps discusses his new book, Mass Flourishing
In an interview for "Goldstein on Gelt"

June 24, 2013
"The West Has Lost Its Dynamism"
Edmund Phelps interviewed on CNBC

May 23, 2013
"Nobel Laureate Phelps Warns Against EU as Iceland Drops Bid"
 Edmund Phelps interviewed by Omar Valdimarsson for Bloomberg News

May 9, 2013
Edmund Phelps on Kierkegaard and modern economies 
In a resume of the recent 200th birthday seminar
By Matthew Bishop for The Economist

April 27, 2013
Edmund Phelps interviewed by CCTV Biz Talk
At the 2013 Boao Forum for Asia
Video now online: LINK (at 11:30 in the segment after the link)

April 8, 2013
Edmund Phelps interviewed by Bloomberg TV on the Chinese economy
At the 2013 Boao Forum for Asia

April 6, 2013
Edmund Phelps on encouraging Chinese innovation
In Xinhua Daily on the occasion of the 2013 Boao Forum for Asia

April 5, 2013
Edmund Phelps' thoughts on China's potential for future growth 
On the occasion of the 2013 Boao Forum for Asia
In the China Daily Asia Weekly

March 21, 2013
"Innovation, a choice for solving economic problems"
On the Beijing 2013 conference co-organized by the Center on Capitalism and Society and New Huadu Business School
People's Republic Daily Online

February 12, 2013
REWARDING WORK forms the background for Reihan Salam's
assessment of Peter Cove's call for a new WPA
In the National Review

February 8, 2013
"Expecting the Unexpected: An interview with Edmund Phelps"
With Caroline Baum on Bloomberg View

January 4, 2013
Edmund Phelps in a live interview on Bloomberg TV's Bottom Line
Discussing the new employment statistics and general economic outlook for 2013

January 2, 2013 (conference date: November 16, 2012)
Edmund Phelps on infrastructure spending in a clip from RAND's Politics Aside Conference
With Nicholas Wapshott, Harold Evans, Stuart Hoffman, and Robert Hormats

October 16, 2012
Edmund Phelps' speech at the National University of Ireland - Galway Law Society
Covered in the Irish Examiner

October 11, 2012
Edmund Phelps visits St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University
for the St. Petersburg Scientific Forum

October 6, 2012
Edmund Phelps meets with Vladimir Popovkin, head of the Russian Space Agency

September 24, 2012 (originally aired August 30)
Edmund Phelps interviewed on n-TV (Germany) on the Eurozone crisis

September 7, 2012
Edmund Phelps live on Bloomberg on the jobs report and monetary policy

June 17, 2012
Edmund Phelps interviewed on the Chinese economy by CCTV-9 

June 15, 2012
Edmund Phelps' "Golden Rule" applied to China in the International Economic Bulletin

June 6, 2012
Edmund Phelps interviewed on Sina Finance Face-to-Face

June 3, 2012
"Corporatism and Job Satisfaction"
Tsinghua University, Beijing

May 1, 2012
Edmund Phelps alongside Carly Fiorina and Steve Case in a panel discussion on job creation,
at the Bloomberg Link Washington Summit.

May 7, 2012
"Don't promote joblessness"

April 4, 2012
"US urged to consider effects of policies"
China Daily

April 3, 2012
"Edmund Phelps, the Nobel-prize winning economist talks about the outlook for the US economy."
Bloomberg Hong Kong

March 1, 2012
"Distinción a una empresa del agro: Rizobacter recibirá la medalla Phelps"
La Nacion

December 19, 2012
Professor Phelps on "The Search for a New Keynesianism"
In The Globe and Mail

January 13, 2012
"Europe's Rough Ride Ahead After France Downgrade"

December 16, 2011
"Alliance between banks and goverments at the heart of eurozone crisis"
Deutsche Welle

October 20, 2011
"Phelps Says He Visited Wall Street Protestors"

October 17, 2011
"La buena economia"
An article on the Center on Capitalism and Society's 9th Annual Conference
By Juan Sola in La Nacion

October 17, 2011
"Edmund Phelps propone una 'economía con justicia social' frente a la crisis"

October 17, 2011
"Proponen introducir corriente Vitalista en el sistema educativo"
El Economista

September 1, 2011
"Capitalism--What Comes Next?"
Interview with Vikas Shah
Thought Economics

September 1, 2011 
"Capitalism--What Comes Next?"
Interview with Vikas Shah
Thought Economics

September 1, 2011 
"Prize Performers"
BBC's "In Business"

August 31, 2011
"Against the Motion"
Economist debates: Edmund S. Phelps

August 23, 2011
"Phelps on U.S. Economy, Fed Policy, Euro Outlook"
Interview with Bloomberg's David Tweed in Lindau
Bloomberg TV

August 22, 2011
Nobel Laureate Feature
Die Welt

August 15, 2011
"The Road Ahead: The Monumental Fiscal Challenge"
Newsweek / The Daily Beast

August 2, 2011
"U.S. Consumers `Very Nervous' About Future"
Interview with Maryam Nemazee 
"The Pulse," Bloomberg TV

July 15, 2011
"Columbia's Phelps Says Economy is 'Feudalistic'"
Bloomberg with Kathleen Hayes

June 29, 2011
"Modernization in Russia is inevitable"

 June 18, 2011
"La situation en Grece, "une catastrophe pour l'Europe"
La Journal du Dimanche

June 15, 2011
"The Corporatist Threat to Arab Spring"
The Gulf Times

June 15, 2011
"China's economy to grow on its own: Nobel winner"
Taipei Times

June 14, 2011
"Nervousness in Taiwan over China economic outlook: Nobel laureate"
CNA English News

June 1, 2011
"Supporting Innovation: Why and how"
McKinsey & Company's What Matters

June 1, 2011
"Phelps Says US Can't Afford More Fiscal Stimulus"
Interview with Tom Keene

May 30, 2011
"American's big problem is budget deficit"
Article from China Business News Panel on May 12th
China Business News

May 26, 2011
"Phelps on Tunisian Economy; Desai on Financial Crisis"
Hays Advantage

May 8, 2011
"Phelps: 'La principal causa de la inflacion es la politica monetaria expansiva'"
Interview with Ezequiel Burgo
El Clarin

April 28th, 2011
"El Estado no puede ser un buen socio"
Entrevista con el economista Edmund Phelps
La Nacion

March 11, 2001
"Rivolte di mercato: Per il Nobel Phelps gli arabi sono in piazza contro il capitalismo locale, asfittico e familistico"
Il Foglio

February 25, 2011
"Columbia's Phelps on Unions, Collective Bargaining"
Interview with with Matt Miller and Carol Massar of "Street Smart"
Bloomberg Television

January 3, 2011
"Even if US economy gets back on track, 5% unemployment rate a pipe-dream"
Korean Economic Daily

December 20, 2010
"Mi aspetto una bunoa annata"
Corriere Economia

December 14, 2010
"Columbia's Phelps Discusses Tax Compromise"
Interview with with Matt Miller and Carol Massar of "Street Smart"
Bloomberg Television

November 15, 2010
"Phelps Says 7-7.5% Unemployment 'New Normal' for U.S."
Interview with Margaret Brennan of "InBusiness"
Bloomberg Television
November 14, 2010
"US plays cards poorly with China: Nobel laureate"

October 30, 2010
"Per Edmund Phelps 'austerity' non è una parolaccia (come credono gli Europei)"
il Foglio

October 7, 2010
"Modern China needs more than industry"
Global Times

October 1, 2010
"US Innovation has Stagnated"

September 20, 2010
"Edmund Phelps in Slovakia"

August 26th, 2010
Interview with Tom Keene
Bloomberg on the Economy

August 24, 2010
"New solutions to entrenched economic problems: A conversation with Edmund S. Phelps"
Harvard University Press Blog

August 23, 2010
Interview Mit Nobelpreistrager Phelps
Frankfurter Rundschau

August 10, 2010
Fareed Zakaria on Charlie Rose
Discussing Professor Phelps’s NYTimes Op-Ed, published August 7, 2010      


August 10, 2010
"Structural Unemployment is a New Problem, Needing New Solutions"
Gavyn Davies's Blog
The Financial Times

July, 2010
"'The state must bolster the innovative strength of companies.' Nobel laureate Edmund S. Phelps on lessons from the crisis"
Interview, The Focus
Vol. XIV/1 

June 27, 2010
"Edmund Phelps, Prix Nobel: 'Les économies occidentales n'innovent pas suffisamment'"
Le Monde

June 23, 2010
"What Next for Capitalism and the US?"
First Plenary Session
New York Forum

June 8, 2010
Interview Report with Edmund Phelps

June 4, 2010
"Job Report Tempers Recovery Optimism"

First Quarter, 2010
"The New Normal?: Economists ponder whether the 'natural' rate of unemployment has risen."
Region Focus

June 1, 2010
"Why 7% Unemployment Is Inflation Turning Point Fed Doesn't Say"

May, 2010
"Man muss den Sozialistaat zuruckfahren"

May 13, 2010
“A Europa terá de recuar do excesso de bem estar”, diz Phelps, Nobel de Economia"

May 7, 2010
"La Grèce doit rester dans l’euro"
Le Soir

May 7, 2010
"Edmund Phelps, prix Nobel d'économie: 'L'euro va survivre'"

May 7, 2010
"Bernanke heeft aanvankelijk gefaald"
De Tijd

May 6, 2010
"European Outlook Remains Shaky"

May 6, 2010
Interview with Professor Phelps
The Bund

May 5, 2010 
"Phelps Says Greek Protests `Turning Mood' Against Athens"

April 23, 2010
"Edmund Phelps, Nobel Laureate"
Interview with Maria Bartiromo

April 2, 2010
"Phelps Says U.S. Economy Still in 'Structural Slump'"

March 5, 2010
"Phelps Concerned U.S. Recovery May Not Be Sustainable"

March 2010
"How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America"
Don Peck
The Atlantic Monthly

February 24, 2010
"E Preciso Inovar"

February 24, 2010
"Create new banks to finance companies' innovation. That's the key for employment"


February 4, 2010
Andrew Kramer
Russia Plans to Push Technology Innovations
New York Times

February 3, 2010
"Phelps Says Russia 'Doesn't Belong' Among BRIC Economies"

January 28, 2010
"Obama Focuses on Jobs"

January 15, 2010
"Nobel Debate on the Economy"

January 14, 2010
"Phelps Sees Europe Hurt By Limited 'Economic Dynamism'"
Tom Keene

December 25, 2009
"Ohne den Staat wurde der Kapitalismus kollabieren"
Catherine Hoffmann
Sueddeutsche Zeitung

December 22, 2009
"The Protocol Society"
David Brooks
New York Times

December 17, 2009
David Wessel
A Prozac Economy Has Its Costs
Wall Street Journal


December 16, 2009
"Fed Keeps 'Extended Period' Pledge, Sees Rebound"
Craig Torres

November 6, 2009
"Nobel Laureate Phelps Says U.S. Recovery Will 'Run Out of Gas'"

November 2, 2009
"Im Gesprach: Wirtschaftsnobelpreistrager Phelps"
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

October 7, 2009
Catherine Rampell
Support Builds for a Tax Credit to Help Hiring
New York Times

September 28, 2009
"Jobs Outlook - Full Unemployment Now May Be 7%"

September 12, 2009
"Perhaps it was too much"
Die Welt

August 3, 2009
"In-Depth Look - A 'Long Slog Ahead'?"

May 2009
"O governo nao pode ser um intruso no setor privado"

May 7, 2009
"Phelps quer criar bancos inovadores"

March 27, 2009
"Adelantar elecciones es cambiar las reglas y suma incertidumbre"
El Cronista

February 20, 2009
"In Depth Look - Conference on Financial Crisis: Edmund Phelps"
Kathleen Hays

February 19, 2009
"Fixing the Crisis: New Ideas"
Fareed Zakaria

December 23, 2008
"Phelps Says U.S. Economy Faces 'Very Long Slog Back"
Night Talk with Mike Schneider

December 9, 2008
"Precio del Crudo Estara Bajo Por Dos o Tres Anos"
La Nacion

November 25, 2008
"Phelps: Mexico Se Mueve A Ritmo Lento"

June 8, 2008
"Aproveche la red de hiperfavores"
El Mundo

June 3, 2008
"El premio Nobel Phelps reclama a Espana reformas para impulsar la innovacion"
Cinco Dias

May 26, 2008
"A prosperidade economica acabou"
Gazeta Mercantil

May 2008
"A prosperidade economica acabou"
Jornal Do Brasil

May 2008
"'Las retenciones son malas', dijo un premio Nobel"
El Cronista

March 14, 2008
"Les banques centrales vont-elles sauver le system financier?"
La Tribune

January 30, 2008
"Die EZB sollte uberhaupt nichts tun"
Die Press

January 30, 2008
"Zinssenkungen bringen keine Jobs"

November 5, 2007
"Mexico, hacia el 'empresarialismo': Edmund Phelps"
El Financiero

October 31, 2007
"Mexico puede ser la septima economia mundial: Phelps"

October 27, 2007
"El Nobel del 2006 apuesta por la salida de empresas al exterior para que Galicia crezca"
La Voz de Galicia

October 13, 2007
"Auf Amerikas Wirtschaft kommen harte Zeiten zu"
Die Welt

October 12, 2007
"Mindestlohn hift euch Deutschen nicht!"

August 27, 2007
"Informalidad y Corrupcion, Lastres Para Mexico"
El Universal

August 24, 2007
"Nobel critica agencias de risco"
O Globo

August 19, 2007
"A little disorder is a good thing"
Lunch with the FT
Financial Times

May 25, 2007
"Que podemos aprender de Edmund Phelps?"

April 1, 2007
"Troppo ottimismo, crescita ancora fragile"
Il Sole-24 Ore

March 9, 2007
"El talento se desaprovecha cuando los empleados no tienen desafios"
El Correo de Burgos

November 27, 2006
"Dynamism or Stasis"
Virginia Postrel

June 23, 2006
"Le monde occidental et ses deux capitalismes"
Le Figaro
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